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Why do the color, taste, smell, and texture of Refine vary from batch to batch?

Occasionally, we get questions about why our products may vary in taste, color, and smell from the previous order or batch.

In fact, some customers have a certain expectation about how a product should look, and in some cases, it is different from what they expected.

This may even cause some customers to think something is wrong with the product. But what is the real story?

Experts in our science and lab team assure you, as a customer, that it is impossible to judge the quality and nutritional potency by taste, smell, and color.

The essential thing in our production is the quality and efficiency of the product, which is maintained by using an identical product formula and obtaining ingredients that meet our requirements and certificates.

The results are always based on what raw materials are being used during production. For example, if we use a certain method for making extracts of our main ingredients and used the exact same method every time, there is still a high chance that the end product may be a bit different from the last batch that was made. Sometimes, the smallest factors in seasonal changes like rainfall or how long the ingredients were set aside before going through the manufacturing process can profoundly affect the color, taste, or smell, even though the formula remains identical.

Ingredients and processing

Because our ingredients are minimally processed and we don’t add any artificial colors or flavors, the appearance of our products may vary from batch to batch. What you see in our bottles resembles the natural ingredients that went into making the drops. 

Rest assured, our products are fully supported by our scientific department in the laboratory and manufactory in EUROPE and USA, which produces our products for our global markets.

Even before our products are produced, the ingredients go through a rigorous quality control process and are not manufactured nor released for sale until they have been tested and met our requirements and certificates.

At New Hope Global, we strive to use mostly organic and all-natural ingredients to produce our products, which means that for every new batch produced, there are also completely freshly used ingredients. Since the ingredients are natural, their composition or taste can vary from batch to batch, just as nature changes in different seasons. Particularly bigger differences can be noticed with all our products that use herbs as main ingredients such as REFINE.


If we make a comparison: when you opt for a completely natural, freshly squeezed fruit juice, you will get a certain aroma and color from this squeezed fruit. However, the next time you decide to order fruit juice, maybe in a couple of weeks following the same procedure, you will be able to feel the difference in color and taste. Why? Fruits and other ingredients ripen. Food ripens differently depending on the climate influence, time of the year, environmental impact, etc. The manufacturing of our products is very similar, as we also use all-natural ingredients.


In the photo you can see the comparison between two Refine batches that have been produced in the same year but in a different season with fresh raw ingredients. It is obvious that the color and also taste vary from batch to batch.

Long story short

We would like to assure you once again the most important thing – Our products are made with identical structure and the same recipe in each series, but the taste, smell and color might differ from batch to batch because of the above-mentioned natural factors.